Scotland’s leading crystal company toasts to Queen’s Award for International Enterprise

April 21, 2017

Glencairn – Scotland’s most renowned and celebrated crystal company – has been awarded the highest accolade in British business: The Queen’s Award for International Enterprise.

As this year’s Queen’s Awards are announced today, Glencairn raises a toast to their third Queen’s Award since 2006 from the UK’s most prestigious business accolades, celebrating their win as one of Scotland’s most successful family-owned and run companies of the past three decades.

Founded in 1980 by Raymond Davidson and now managed by Raymond’s sons, Paul and Scott Davidson, Glencairn’s global reputation has become synonymous with quality, innovation and exceptional customer service within the fine crystal and glassware industry. Over the past three decades, the company has become of the most successful and pioneering businesses within both the whisky and packaging industries – not just in the UK, but on the global stage.

Celebrated for its ground-breaking creation of the Glencairn Whisky Glass the world over, in addition to its extraordinary spirit packaging craftsmanship, Glencairn’s reputation as one of the most enterprising and creative organisations within the drinks industry has gone from strength to strength. Their business now boasts clients from every major drinks organisation – large and small. The Glencairn Whisky Glass is now an iconic emblem within the whisky world and one that has invigorated and educated whisky drinkers and novices around the world.

Since being founded, Glencairn has grown its team to over 50 full time staff at their East Kilbride facility, with 3 million Glencairn whisky glasses (plus other crystal products) now reaching over 60 export markets globally.

Since 2012, company growth has trebled internationally, and as demand within the whisky industry continues to soar for bespoke glassware and high quality decanters, so do the opportunities arising for Glencairn’s global presence within the sector.

At the heart of this continued success is the company’s family values and unique approach to business: something that is appreciated and much loved amongst Glencairn’s clients and suppliers alike. As the company continues to celebrate success, the values on which the business was built over 30 years ago are retained at every level of the organisation.

Paul Davidson, Managing Director said:

“At Glencairn, we pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service, quality craftsmanship and above all else, treating our suppliers, employees and clients with extraordinary care and attention at all times. We believe in challenging ourselves to

deliver a product that not only reflects our customer’s requirements and expectations – but

exceeds them. The recognition that we have received from The Queen’s Award this year and in the past, helps to reinforce, not only our business and growth success, but also our management and development skills for the superb team we have within the business. We are delighted to be awarded such an incredible and highly esteemed award once again.”

Competing with some of the UK’s leading businesses, The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise celebrate the outstanding achievement from UK businesses in the categories of innovation, international trade and sustainable development. In addition to the award this year, Glencairn has previously won:

  • The Queens Award for Enterprise 2012
  • The Queens Award for Innovation 2006 (with the Glencairn Whisky Glass)

Scott Davidson, Commercial Director continued: “We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation within the industry, leading the world in the development of premium decanters for premium aged whisky.  We have developed vessels for some of the finest and most rare whisky ever sold in the world. We position ourselves as Scotland’s Crystal Company and, with our expertise in crystal, design and packaging and we are honoured to now be the pre-eminent supplier of premium crystal to the market.”

Glencairn’s clients includes leading drinks companies, brands and other outlets, including: BP, Brown-Forman, Cunard, Diageo, Houses of Parliament, Muller, Google, Scottish Parliament and the majority of the Scottish Whisky manufacturers, in addition to many of the international whisky and spirit producers.


Raymond Davidson, Honoured as Keeper of the Quaich

November 24, 2016




 Glencairn Crystal founder and chairman, Raymond Davidson, has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to the Scottish Whisky industry by being inducted into the prestigious Keepers of the Quaich.


The Keepers of the Quaich is an exclusive and international society that recognises those who have shown outstanding commitment to the Scotch Whisky industry. Founded by the leading distillers, it is by its very nature , the beating heart of the industry.


 A delighted Raymond, who received the equivalent of the whisky knighthood, at a ceremony in Blair Castle in Perthtshire this week, said: “It is a great honour to be joining the Keepers of the Quaich in the company of dedicated and passionate people around the world who are proud to be part of a select society and who are dedicated to achieving appreciation of our magnificent spirit – Scotch Whisky.”,   


Products designed by Glencairn Crystal range from luxury crystal development to engineering precious metal closures, quality presentation packaging and the Glencairn glass, designed by Raymond  specificaly to enhance the whisky drinking experience, and is now widely accepted as the official whisky drinking glass by the industry.



Glencairn now employ over 50 people in design and production and have partnered on projects with almost every Scotch whisky company and export their products to over 60 countries.    


Raymond concluded: ”At Glencairn we have built our business on a commitment to personal service and quality. The company has grown through a truly innovative approach to the market that has led us to the forefront of premium packaging for some of the world ‘s rarest and most expensive whiskies.” 


“The worldwide fame of the company rests with the ubiquitous Glencairn Glass, the unofficial ‘official’ glass for Scotch around the world.  Glencairn Glass is over 3 million glasses, exported to over 60 countries.Thats three million brand ambassadors promoting the best spirit in the world , all over the world.”   







March 31, 2016

Glencairn director Scott Davidson with Boelter director,Jeff Pappas. For immediate
Glencairn director Scott Davidson with Boelter director,Jeff Pappas.
For immediate

In a first for Glencairn Crystal, the company have announced the
signing of a milti-million dollar manufacturing and distribution
agreement with Boelter, the largest independent decorator of glassware
in America.

The agreement, worth an estimated $2.5m over the next 3 years will allow Boelter to decorate
and distribute products supplied by Glencairn and this is the first
time that the East Kilbride based company has entered into this kind of

Said director Scott Davidson: “ We are delighted to form a partnership
with Boelter, Like Glencairn, they are a second generation business and
are prominent in the craft beer and spirits industry which is booming in the USA.
They also have similar ideals, values and the same forward thinking
interests and Customer Service objectives.”

“As our expansion plans in the USA continues apace, entering into
partnership with the country’s largest independent company in the
industry will improve our customer experience and speed up the
distribution process within the USA.. Boelter will be working to
support distribution on our behalf in order to meet the continuing
demand for our products in the USA.”

Earlier this year, Glencairn announced a rise in global sales of 20%
with products now on sale on all seven continents.

Pulse Raises the Glencairn Glass to Burns

January 25, 2016


At Burns Suppers throughout the world a glass of whisky will be raised to toast the iconic figure of Robert Burns, and in many cases it will be raised in another Scottish icon, the Glencairn Glass.

World-wide sales of the Glencairn glass have now smashed the 18 million mark throughout the world, but only six Pulse FM listeners will get the chance to get their hands on a limited edition of the glass engraved with the popular radio stations logo.

The station, which is on both FM and DAB, ran a travel feature about the Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and their chief guide explained why the attraction used the Glencairn glass as part of their Tours.

Glencairns Andy Davidson said: “We were delighted to help out Pulse FM Radio with a unique prize. The Glencairn Glass has gone global and is now widely accepted as the “official whisky drinking glass” by the industry, Indeed it is now being sold on every continent, including Antartica.”

 Pulse said: “Six of our listeners will get the chance to toast the Bard with one of Glencairns iconic glasses and and to celebrate listening to Pulse FM in DAB!

The glass was designed by the founder of East Kilbride based Glencairn Crystal, Raymond Davidson, specifically to enhance the whisky drinking experience, and is now widely accepted as the “official whisky drinking glass” by the industry.

Scottish First Minister Receives Special Glencairn Glasses in China

December 9, 2015

The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was in China recently to promote trade with Scotland. Obviously whisky was a part of these talks and she was presented with a special set of Glencairn glasses.