Case Study: Dalmore

Dalmore, The Highland malt whisky distillery has developed an innovative bottle and packaging style for its premium expressions. Glencairn Crystal has worked closely with Dalmore to assist them in producing bottles and packaging that truly reflect the quality of the product they’ll hold.

When a distillery creates rare and valuable very limited editions it’s important to them, and their discerning customer base, that each new product in some way surpasses previous releases. As each limited release is unique so there is a desire that this also extends to the packaging.

siriusGlencairn Crystal and Dalmore first collaborated on the Dalmore Sirius expression in 2009. Limited to only 12 bottles the 58-year old malt introduced the crystal ‘pyramid’ shape to Dalmore. Each bottle has a unique engraving on the crystal and Dalmore’s iconic 12-point stag was created in sterling silver.

Retailing at a five figure sum all were sold and now command significantly more at auction.

Dalmore followed Sirius with the Candela, a 50-year-old single malt limited to 77 bottles. Using crystal again the Candela evolved the triangular shaped bottle of its predecessor by introducing more curves and fewer angles. They again used sterling silver on both the glass and the stopper.

selenegirl-scaledA 58-year-old named Selene followed the Candela. The Dalmore Selene further evolved the bottle shape and use of sterling silver. Only 23 bottles were ever produced unlike the Dalmore Aurora that had a run of 200 bottles. Every bottle of Dalmore Aurora had a unique engraving in the silver around the neck of the bottle.

The Dalmore Trinitas made headlines across the world when it was announced. The 64 year old was limited to only three bottles and priced in six figures.

The crystal used for these bottles is of unsurpassed quality and the silver work on the bottle was carried out by world-renowned jeweller Hamilton and Inches. The rarity value of this edition can’t be over-emphasised. It remains one of the most expensive spirits ever created and retains an almost mythical place in the pantheon of premium spirits.

Not all limited editions can be quite so limited. The Dalmore Constellation series contains a variety of aged expressions, each one is hand crafted crystal. The entire series is made up of 21 different cask and age expressions so each bottle retains a uniqueness that matches the whisky it contains.

The journey with Dalmore has been one of partnership. Working closely with master distiller Richard Paterson as well as product development, marketing and bottling departments at Dalmore owners Whyte and Mackay. Through this partnership has sprung innovation. We have developed a unique adhesive for sterling silver for example, that affixes it to crystal securely, allowing it to be burnished after application as well as before.

Most important has been the creation of a system of quality control that ensures the process meets the most exacting standards no matter the quantity being produced. We believe this process is unique in the industry, built up through years of trial and error and now ensures not only incredible quality but also value for all our partners.