Pulse Raises the Glencairn Glass to Burns

January 25, 2016


At Burns Suppers throughout the world a glass of whisky will be raised to toast the iconic figure of Robert Burns, and in many cases it will be raised in another Scottish icon, the Glencairn Glass.

World-wide sales of the Glencairn glass have now smashed the 18 million mark throughout the world, but only six Pulse FM listeners will get the chance to get their hands on a limited edition of the glass engraved with the popular radio stations logo.

The station, which is on both FM and DAB, ran a travel feature about the Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and their chief guide explained why the attraction used the Glencairn glass as part of their Tours.

Glencairns Andy Davidson said: “We were delighted to help out Pulse FM Radio with a unique prize. The Glencairn Glass has gone global and is now widely accepted as the “official whisky drinking glass” by the industry, Indeed it is now being sold on every continent, including Antartica.”

 Pulse said: “Six of our listeners will get the chance to toast the Bard with one of Glencairns iconic glasses and and to celebrate listening to Pulse FM in DAB!

The glass was designed by the founder of East Kilbride based Glencairn Crystal, Raymond Davidson, specifically to enhance the whisky drinking experience, and is now widely accepted as the “official whisky drinking glass” by the industry.